Landscape of Gastronomy

This is a random short story that was inspired by a writing prompt..”Your favourite Meal”

“Landscape of Gastronomy”

I’m going to need a ladder, to get to the top of this giant tuna steak, or I could begin by nibbling away at the base. I look up in awe at this monolith cliff face of fish before me. I seem to be in a dream and have shrunk to the size of a postage stamp. What otherworldly chef could have created this?

I look to my left, something else has cast its shadow…The Mountain Range of Chocolate Gateau, and it’s active so I call it by its real essence, The Volcanic Dessert. Chocolate lava begins to cascade, causing a rumble in the ground at my feet or is it coming from my stomach? 

I gasp in amazement, at the tumbling confection heading my way and in which I may drown. I decide to skip the main course climb and go for death by chocolate.

Claudette 19.4.2021

Sprite Fight

“I ate my body weight in roast cauliflower, ” said Bernie Chew as he landed on one of the many neon mushrooms that grow on the outskirts of Murk Town. His friend, Hurl Jingle, thought cauliflower was gross and could smell it on Bernie a mile off. “Do you mind finding another mushroom? This one’s taken and your cauliflower aura is making me queasy.”

“Wind your neck in, Hurl, I put up with your frog-guts-pate breathe without complaint.” And with that Bernie flew off to find his own neon mushroom to chill out on.

The End.

The Unexpected Visitor…

A panel for a short comic I’m currently creating. Once finished, the plan is to compile a book with a collection of comics I’ve already made, including this one.


What happens when you go camping in a woodland of enchantment…some preview pages. This is going in a comics anthology.