Landscape of Gastronomy

This is a random short story that was inspired by a writing prompt..”Your favourite Meal”

“Landscape of Gastronomy”

I’m going to need a ladder, to get to the top of this giant tuna steak, or I could begin by nibbling away at the base. I look up in awe at this monolith cliff face of fish before me. I seem to be in a dream and have shrunk to the size of a postage stamp. What otherworldly chef could have created this?

I look to my left, something else has cast its shadow…The Mountain Range of Chocolate Gateau, and it’s active so I call it by its real essence, The Volcanic Dessert. Chocolate lava begins to cascade, causing a rumble in the ground at my feet or is it coming from my stomach? 

I gasp in amazement, at the tumbling confection heading my way and in which I may drown. I decide to skip the main course climb and go for death by chocolate.

Claudette 19.4.2021